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Operational update on Mali: Food delivered to attack survivors; psychological wounds being …

Food and essential household items have been delivered by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to the survivors of an attack on the …Read more

Operational update on Mali Food delivered to attack survivors psychological wounds being addressed

Food and essential household items have been delivered by the International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC to the survivors of an attack on the village of Soban Da in Central Mali Since the
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Acid attack survivor Katie Piper describes life sentence

as well as hours of psychological therapy to help me to deal with the trauma of the attack and to accept my new face I will continue to need operations and therapy for life For acid attack survivors the aftermath is a life sentence
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Attacks on Civilians in Eastern Congo

The operations saying they are being punished Human Rights Watch has documented the deliberate killing of more than 1400 civilians between January and September 2009 the majority women children and the elderly The attacks have been
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Recovery just beginning for many of Paris wounded

Simply by staying alive hundreds of people wounded in the Paris attacks before being increased to 130 on Friday – is a remarkable testimony to the French medical corps huge efforts to save lives But like Andretto many face more operations in
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Cologne New Year gang assaults Victim 18 says up to 30 men groped and robbed her and her 11 friends

The German city of Cologne has been branded a no-go zone for women by the 18-year-old victim of sex attack carried out by up to 30 at least 118 German women have come forward to report being sexually assaulted on New Years Eve alone
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News and talk tops in overall local radio market

In-depth news and talking heads waltzed over country music to lead the Chico radio market last fall Northstate Public Radio KCHO-FM 917 and KPAY-AM 1290 tied for first in the share of total listeners based on Arbitron Incs ratings for fall 2005
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