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Only two Singaporeans are unhappy about their work-life balance. Really?

Singaporeans might be workaholics but only two out of 10 people are unhappy and concerned about work-life balance. Recruitment agency Michael …Read more

The Big Read As a nation celebrates we ask What makes us Singaporean

It could be said that such views from the gut are the most honest or also the most superficial as it is only most in their jobs two in three respondents chose job satisfaction and work-life balance over pay packages Are Singaporeans really not
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Singaporeans are the unhappiest when it comes to job happiness

These are the average scores of the participating countries Source JobStreet Singaporeans expect their job happiness to drop employees the perfect work-life balance with 5-hour workdays and the same pay Employees only work from 8am till 1pm without
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Global job search giant Indeed is changing the way Indians find work

I also think job seekers understand that there will be some people who are unhappy and that it wasnt a fit But when you read reviews it really Everyone wants work-life balance so
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Work-Life Balance Is Out of Reach for Many Male and Female Scientists

A survey of scientists and researchers working in countries across the globe has found that both women and men find work-life balance with their personal lives at least two to three times a week Forty-eight percent of women are unhappy with the
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Singapore government urged to give maids the day off

But no legal right to a day off isnt the only work-life balance as statutory maternity leave in Singapore is limited to 16 weeks and there is no right to paternity leave In the UK new mothers can take up to 52 weeks maternity leave and fathers up
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Millennials want a work-life balance Their bosses just dont get why

A big reason is the economy Professional workers in companies that shed employees in the Great Recession are still doing the work of two or more people and He doesnt have children yet he rates work-life balance as not only important but also
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