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One Casualty of the Palm Oil Industry: An Orangutan Mother, Shot 74 Times

Hope, who was named at a rehabilitation center, is a Sumatran orangutan — a critically endangered animal that scientists warn could be the first major great ape species to go extinct. As jungle and swamp are cleared for palm oil plantations, orangutans, …Read more

One Casualty of the Palm Oil Industry An Orangutan Mother Shot 74 Times

BUNGA TANJUNG Indonesia The men came at Hope and her baby with spears and guns But she would not leave There was no place for her to go When the air-gun pellets pierced Hopes eyes blinding her she felt her way up the tree trunks auburn-furred
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Orangutan rescued from palm oil plantation had 74 air rifle pellets in her body

on a palm oil plantation near the city of Subulussalamm in Aceh Province on the island of Sumatra in north-western Indonesia The one-month-old baby orangutan was so badly malnourished it subsequently died but its mother is expected to survive despite
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An Orangutan Was Shot 74 Times She Survived

Last week villagers in the Aceh province of Sumatra alerted conservationists to a gravely wounded orangutan and her severely malnourished baby which had been found on a local palm oil plantation The mother had been shot at least 74 times with an air gun
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Orangutan that was shot with 74 pellets goes blind from her injuries

An endangered orangutan was blinded after being shot at least 74 times with an air gun just a week after her Conflicts between orangutans and people have increased as the palm oil logging and paper industries shrink the animals jungle habitat
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Orangutan mother blinded after being shot 74 times with air gun

SIBOLANGIT Indonesia — An orangutan mother has been blinded after being shot with at least 74 air gun pellets on Indonesias Sumatra island where threats to the endangered species have increased as the palm oil and at least 130 times with an air
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The new oil rush that is killing Sumatras orangutans

It looks like a battlefield and in some ways that is exactly what it is the front line of a war between the palm-oil industry and nature The trees are the most obvious casualty but they are not the only one never saw an orangutan mother voluntarily
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