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On-Demand: The Technology Shaping the Many Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App

The disruption caused by real estate technology in almost every sector of the industry is evident by the changes in the fundamentals of doing things.Read more

After Civil Engineering ? – MS,M.Tech,JOBS,Start-ups,UPSC

Serverless Payment Processing with Firebase (Cloud Next '19)

CAREERS IN HARDWARE & NETWORKING – Certification course,Diploma,CCNA,MCSA,REDHAT,Job opportunities

5G and How to Invest in New Technologies

Technology Trends That Are Going to Change the Shape of Mobile App Development in 2019

Here we give an outline of noteworthy technology trends to watch in 2019 along with their benefits Internet of Things IoT IoT is a buzzword in the corporate sector From retail to real estate of an on-demand mobile application This app involves
Read more

Zillow CEO How millennials will revolutionize real estate

Many of us as other mobile transactions These on-demand experiences will be enabled by cutting-edge technology but it doesnt negate the need for human connection Incredible agents will continue to flourish as the real estate industry evolves
Read more

Why More Real Estate Companies Are Getting Into the Tech Game

Landlords are investing venture capital directly into new companies creating venture capital arms or funding venture capital firms that invest in real estate tech and making their own in-house technology will debut a mobile app for 101 Greenwich
Read more

Developing Real-Time Features in Mobile Apps Provides Broader View

If we dig out the report of the last couple of years then real-time technology seems to have taken over the web mobile app development by many mobile apps in different industry verticals including Transport social networking Real Estate and
Read more

The Battle Is For The Customer Interface

And Airbnb the worlds largest accommodation provider owns no real estate Something interesting is happening In recent times the power of the Internet especially the mobile phone has unleashed a movement thats rapidly destroying these
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How Virtual Reality Mobile App Development Will Shape the Future of Business

VR is here to stay and therefore VR-based app development is becoming a part of mobile app development services globally Major industry sectors like manufacturing real estate many companies will embrace this technology to avail its amazing benefits
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