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„Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood“: Pop-Up-Store zum Soundtrack-Release …

„Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood“ ist Ende der 1960er Jahre angesiedelt, einer Zeit des politischen und kulturellen Umbruchs – auch in Los Angeles. TV-Star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) und sein Stuntman Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) finden sich in einer …Read more

The platinum watch given to Eva Braun by Adolf Hitler just months before start of Second World War

This is the platinum watch given by Adolf Hitler to his mistress Eva Braun for her 27th birthday The Eszeha watch was engraved with Zum 621939 herzlichst A Hitler On 6 February 1939 most affectionately A Hitler with a registration code of
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Thousands of Muslim migrants convert to Christianity in mass baptisms after reaching Europe but are they just desperate for asylum

This is what our church did to help Jews in the Second World War Another official said such conversions were advantageous to applicants because once converted they could not be sent home without their lives being at risk This was because in many Middle
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