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On my radar: Roisin Conaty's cultural highlights

On my radar: Roisin Conaty's cultural highlights. The GameFace creator/star on podcast therapy, her favourite coffee shop and the genius of fellow …Read more

What to watch on TV this week

Highlights from the takes in such human pursuits as a My Little Pony convention and visits an agency where people can hire fake family members Another of those decent American dramas that flies under the radar a bit in this country we see Edie
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The 50 best Irish music acts right now

Cap Pas Caps debut album should be one of this years highlights Hes a bit young to be described Cathy Daveys debut album Something Ilk2004 slipped under the radar upon its release but reparations were made with its follow-up Tales
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Bao Bao and Billionaire Boys At Dior Homme More From Paris

Chalayan groupies gathered at the designers first-ever London show Hussein Chalayan From Fashion and Back which highlights standout looks from the inventive designers career Its very stripped down theyre all my favorites
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Review The Mike Patton fronted supergroup Dead Cross make the most of their diverse talents on their hard-rocking and hilarious debut

Ill freely admit that Dead Cross would not even be on my radar otherwise But I will crawl over disease This translates to a good time for the listener and highlights what is truly remarkable about this album on the one hand its face
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Una Mullallys cultural highlight of 2016 Grace Jones at the Olympia

What post-truth and American fascism and white supremacy means for art and pop culture I think the swerve into darkness the world took with Trump will colour art and culture for a long time across film television protest art hip hop graphic novels
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Best of 2014 A Very Shake Appeal Guest List

Shake Appeal is a column that highlights new garage and garage-adjacent releases Lumpy The Dumpers Collection My favourite band with my favourite people My buddy Dan Woodboot thought the lyrics to Future were DEMON SEMEN
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