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On exhibit 7/21/19

Jan Brandt Gallery; 1305 Morrissey Drive, Bloomington; Studio and gallery showcasing Brandt's work, also visiting artist exhibitions; 309-287-4700.Read more

TLOC54 Live Broadcast VEGAS 19 League wk 11 year seven 7/21/19


TLOC54 Live Broadcast Vegas 19 League wk 11 year seven 7/21/19

Expert College Basketball Picks (3-23-19)

Director Matty Rich Premieres ARVR Tech Co EDGE XR at 50th Comic-Con San Diego

The much-anticipated exhibit will take place in the FutureTechLive The Evolution of Entertainment 30 panel on Sunday 72119 from 300 pm 400pm at the Convention Center in Room
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Space Center Houston presents Apollo Anniversary Celebration

All eyes will be on Houston the home of human spaceflight as the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing and Neil Armstrongs first steps on the Moon on July 20 Guests can meet Apollo legends see the restored Apollo
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Artists withdraw from NYC museum show over tear gas link

The painting was not removed from the exhibit LOS ANGELES AP 72119 The Walt Disney Co is ruling the box office again with the record-breaking debut of The Lion King this weekend The studio says Sunday that the photorealistic remake devoured
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Alley Theatre presents Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christies Murder on the Orient Express a plot-twist masterpiece is set aboard the Orient Express as it travels from Istanbul to Western Europe in 1934 Just after midnight a snowdrift stops the train in its tracks An American tycoon has been
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The first picture shows Historic Austin movie houses

The connection between cinema history and movie exhibition space is the topic of a new exhibit at the Austin History Center AHC The First Picture Shows Historic Austin Movie Houses The first motion picture exhibition in Austin occurred on
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Emma S Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center presents Figralo opening reception

Guests can celebrate these young artists with a family-friendly opening reception and stay for another free event Noche Navidea Following the opening reception the exhibit will be on display through January 12 2019
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