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Official Fuchsia developer site goes live

Google has been silently working on a new operating system called “Fuchsia” for years, with details, rumors, and wild speculation swirling through the blogosphere every time some new tidbit trickles out. Yesterday Google pushed up an official documentation …Read more

NRA Shuts Down Production of NRATV and Its No 2 Official Resigns

The development is the latest grown leery of the cost of creating so much live content for NRATV which was started in 2016 and wondered whether the return on its investment was worth the effort The sites web traffic was minuscule with 49000
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Googles Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook It works It actually works

Fuchsia and Flutter Google bridges Android and iOS development with Flutter 10 Googles Flutter SDK moves out of beta with Release Preview 1 Google starts a push for cross-platform app development with Flutter SDK Googles Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook
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Facebooks Libra cryptocurrency is official Calibra wallet app coming 2020

Notice a bug Let us know here
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Just A Glitch 15B Manchester ID Scheme Paused For Internal Processes

The University of Manchester fired the starting pistol on the redevelopment the prize 26-acre central Manchester development site in February A notice was due to be published on the Official Journal the OJEU process goes live on ID Manchester
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Debate Night Live from Miami Its over

put out by a sports betting site Well another site Its a Democratic debate You cant go wrong slagging the president 625 pm Sanders campaign makes it official 11th candidate to announce Homestead visit Following tweets that he would
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TRAIs network coverage map to be live in a few weeks Sharma

TRAI hopes to go live in a few weeks with an all India coverage map on its site that will allow telecom subscribers to check the extent and strength of an operators network coverage at a chosen location a top official has said The Telecom Regulatory
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