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Oakland Real Estate Co. raises the roof on the King's Court for a dramatic upper floor renovation

Henry Schwartz, a principal of the family-owned Oakland Real Estate Co., which has owned a host of key commercial properties in the heart of the …Read more

News and talk tops in overall local radio market

Dino Corbin general manager and co-owner of Deer Creek Broadcasting said its great to have No 1 bragging rights but stations look at more specific data to target advertisers Deer Creek owns KPAY The Blaze and four other stations in Chico
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RENOVATION TRENDS Diamonds in the rough

At the same time both Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue were seeking locations in fast-growing Tarrant County The renovation had to reflect high quality to attract these upscale anchors and other retailers After studies showed an upper level would be too
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local firms over rain damage

Clockwise from top left An Atlantic white shark conservancy boat and crew work to tag a great white shark in the waters off the shore in Cape Cod Massachusetts on July 13 2019 Signage warning beachgoers about great white sharks is seen at the entrance
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Rival bikie gangs are putting aside decades of bloody history to join forces to flood Australia with drugs and make millions in money laundering

At the upper level they are quite prepared to work together to progress their criminal activity and theyll seek out facilitators that could be accountants anything at all At the bottom level they rely on that brotherhood that romantic side
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Mother Earth

An archive of the famous early 20th century Anarchist magazine Mother Earth was an anarchist journal that described itself as A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Social Science and Literature edited by Emma Goldman Alexander Berkman was the magazines
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