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Nyhetsdøgnet mandag 29. juli

15.47, Takelvdalen: Vi og lokale brannmannskaper er på vei til en gress- og lyngbrann i området Falkebergan, Takelvdalen, melder Troms politidistrikt. Klokken 17.30 meldte politiet at de hadde kontroll på situasjonen. – Brannmannskapene melder at de har …Read more

Drunk air passenger arrests up 50

They would touch your breasts or theyd touch your bum or your legs Ive had hands going up my skirt before In July 2016 the aviation industry introduced a voluntary code of conduct on disruptive passengers which most of the big airlines and airports
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Dutch tram shooting suspects older brother has links to Turkish jihadis

In an unusual step judicial authorities released details of Tanis criminal past and said he was released from jail on March 1 and faces trial in July on a rape charge A court had approved his release after he pledged to cooperate with authorities
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COLUMN Pewdiepie rules now one million subscribers

Last week Felix Kjellbergs movies in which he with a great sense of humor is commenting his own efforts in computer horror games got 292 million views worldwide according to statistics from research firm Vidstats X Compare that to the numbers
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Gripship fusjonerer med brnnbtselskap

Det norske brnnbtselskapet GripShip AS og det Shetland-baserte brnnbtselskapet Johnson Marine Ltd har mandag besluttet fusjonere sine Det opplyses prosessen vil vre ferdigstilt innen 3 juli 2018 Aquaship avslrer samtidig at det
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DirectorPDMR Shareholding

Further to the approval of a new Directors Remuneration Policy and Long-Term Incentive Plan at a general meeting of shareholders on 29 March 2019 awards were made to the executive directors as set out below Further details of the notifications as
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Thousands of Swedes act out their adventures

Through July a Swedish man in a California hospital has been making world headlines Except hes not really Swedish at all He is an American who is suffering from amnesia and one friend has speculated that the alter ego Johan Ek may have been a
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