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NYC Downlow: Glastonbury's celebration of 50 years of LGBT culture

It wasn't until 2007 that gay culture found full-throated expression, in the shape of the NYC Downlow, a meticulous recreation of a sleazy 70s gay club, …Read more

NYC Downlow Glastonburys celebration of 50 years of LGBT culture

NYC Downlow at Glastonbury 2019 and a moment in which he will say Its 50 years weve come this far Look at the rights that you have and the sacrifices that people made the lives lost the shit that people went through and remember the
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The Case for Sacred Space 50 Years of Debate

Despite efforts on the part of the MSA to keep word of the event on the down low to prevent controversy with administrators last year when the LDSSA hosted the first annual conference for LDS students across New York Simpson then a first-year
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Queer City Guide Perth Western Australia

Lead by DJ Rob dB and inspired by the likes of Horse Meat Disco and the NYC Downlow in London they promised that a huge after-party and many more cultural events Importantly they also host a monthly lesbian event called Plush
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National LGBT bill in Congress trans soldiers blood ban

Members of New Yorks transgender community Center and the Puerto Rican Cultural CenterVidaSIDAMSM Taskforce Although the Salvation Army has made an effort to reach out to the LGBT community over the past year problems still persist according
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Affirming Ferndale

The weekend-long riot between the LGBT residents of Greenwich Village and the New York City Tactical Police Force was from 1 for limited income applicants to 50 for families Affirmations will celebrate its official grand opening during the Motor
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The Korner Lounge Serving the LGBTQ community for 85 years and counting

opened 85 years ago A story of its history and impact in the Shreveport community during the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City Check out this story on shreveporttimescom httpswwwshreveporttimescomstorylife20190627
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