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Nomadic Culture Festival in Azerbaijan: tents, horse racing and archery

The festival was organized by the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TIKA) “in order to develop and promote the nomadic culture and …Read more

Into the great wide open 7 epic trips to Mongolia youll want to book now

Naadam is held across the country every midsummer and features traditional Mongolian wrestling horse racing and archery nomadic culture first-hand Immerse yourself in every aspect of Mongolian life as you live with locals in a traditional tent
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The Three Games of Men

The five-day festival is known as Naadam or the three games of men and showcases traditional Mongol nomadic culture The three main events are wrestling archery with tents everywhere and everyone in a great mood The horse racing itself
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The Nomadic Way Meets Generation Z in Modern Mongolia

Nomadic yurts during Naadam Festival that ceaseless push-pull comes to a halt Naadam lasts for three days every summer It is centered around the traditional Mongolian games of archery wrestling and horse-racing and is celebrated all across
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Daniiar Mukashev on the World Nomad Games

a festival of combat sports horseracing and horse competitions archery contests and demonstrations of different types of hunting with hunting birds and taigans the Kyrgyz greyhound It is planned to build again a city of nomadic culture high in the
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Naadam Mongolias summer horse festival

Naadam is a UNESCO World Heritage designated festival representing Mongolian culture After driving through the The festival celebrates the three manly sports wrestling archery and horse-racing yet its more than that as its also
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Daring to win

Naadam is actually shortened from eriin gurvan naadam Mongolian for the three games of men wrestling horse racing and archery The festival aims to show off the machismo of the nomadic tribe of Mongolian cultural shows and a parade
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