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No Preconditions on China, US May Move Forward with Tariffs

There are no preconditions set for the U.S.-China trade meeting, suggesting that Washington may more forward with additional tariffs on the country. Economic adviser Larry Kudlow said that Trump is “perfectly happy where we [the U.S.] and where he is in …Read more

Trump's tariffs on steel imports to impact South Korea's steel industry

U.S.-China trade talks end with no deal

Trump administration reaches deal with China’s ZTE

Trump meets Abe, thanks China's Xi for NKorea move

Kudlow No preconditions are set for China trade meeting may move ahead on additional tariffs

President Donald Trumps top economic advisor Larry Kudlow on Thursday said that there are no preconditions set for the US-China trade meeting and that the White House may move forward with additional China were to offer us a good deal in the
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Trump Agrees to No Preconditions for Meeting With Chinas Xi Kudlow

There are no preconditions Kudlow said President Trump looks forward tariffs on Chinese goods but if something good comes out of those talks or China were to offer us a good deal
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US aims to restart China trade talks will not accept conditions on tariff use

The session will be the first time they have met since trade talks between the worlds two largest economies broke down in May when the United States accused China no trade deal is expected at the meeting but they hope to create a path forward
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US and China Angle for Trade Truce but Both Insist the Other Will Back Down

The United States and China appeared to be on the cusp of a trade agreement in April only to have negotiations collapse in early May after the Mr Trump raised tariffs on 250 billion worth of Chinese products and has moved forward with preparations
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Stocks move sideways on mixed messages from Trump Mnuchin on China trade talks

If no deal is reached warned that the last round of proposed tariffs against China could erase 455 billion in global gross domestic product in 2020 There is strong evidence that the United States China and the world economy are the losers
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Trump warns of Plan B on China trade Billions more in tariffs

President Donald Trump said substantial additional US tariffs would be placed on goods from China if theres no progress on a trade deal after They have taken advantage of us for so long They devalue their currency like a ping-pong ball he
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