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Ninja at the Fortnite World Cup is Best for Business

The Fortnite World Cup came and went with a total prize pool of $30M USD being dished out to the best players across the globe. A notable personality known as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was absent after failing to qualify for both the Duos and Solo competitions.Read more

The Fortnite World Cup Finals start this Friday and 30 million is on the line Heres what you need to know about the competition

Earlier this year Epic Games hosted 10 weeks of online qualifying tournaments to find the worlds best Fortnite players The Fortnite World Cup Finals will include way to the top of the ranks Tyler Ninja Blevins one of the worlds most popular
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The Fortnite World Cup Is A Mix Of Celebrity And Obscurity With Tfue As The Exception

The Fortnite World Cup will crown its grand solos winner yet also one that is showing up here in the list of the best players in the world who have qualified for solos Tfue has essentially become the new Ninja over the past year in terms of his
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2 Million People Streamed the Fortnite World Cup Finals

Well for one a lot of people saw Quentin Tarantinos new movieand the Fortnite World Cup Finalsthis weekend when Once Upon a Time in Hollywood gave the director his best opening weekend ever The flick set in 1960s Los Angeles and starring
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The Fortnite World Cup Finals were a victory lap for Epic Games

Instead I was greeted with the iconic Fortnite lobby music It was blaring over seemingly every speaker across the famed tennis ground which is best known for hosting despite not making it into the main World Cup events Ninja seemed to be everywhere
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Fortnite is holding a World Cup this weekend with a 30 million prize pool

Epic declined to comment on whether it thought Ninjas finals absence would hurt viewership But it told CNN Business that the World Cup was a chance for unknown players to grow more famous Its always been our intention that Fortnite competition be open
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The Fortnite World Cup has kicked off in New York City and a 30 million prize pool is on the line

But this weekend the renowned arena will oversee the coronation of a different kind of royalty as the worlds best Fortnite players duke it out for their lions share of a 30 million prize pool The Fortnite World Cup which kicked off on Friday
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