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New Persona 5 Royal Trailer is All About Morgana

Continuing Atlas’ constant stream of new details surrounding Persona 5 Royal, a new trailer for Morgana has recently dropped, featuring some new dialogue scenes, as well as a peek at her new and improved Zorro persona, Diego!Read more

Persona 5 The Royal: New Story (Morgana Transmission Vol.1) [ENG SUB]

New Persona 5 the Royal – Trailer Analysis

Persona 5 Royal (P5R) July News Analysis (Character Trailers & Morgana Report 03)

Persona 5: The Royal – Yusuke Kitagawa Introduction Trailer [ENG SUB]

Persona 5 Royal New Trailer Introduces Morgana and His New Persona Diego

Atlus revealed new details and new event scenes of Persona 5 Royal with Morganas introduction trailer Atlus released the first Persona 5 Royal trailer of the week focusing on Morgana Persona 5 s mascot like character who is totally not a cat
Read more

Persona 5 Royals New Character Trailer Shows Off Kasumi In Battle Awakening And A New Palace

A new trailer for Persona 5 Royal has been released by Atlus and it focuses on the new character and party member Kasumi Yoshizawa see below In all her style and swagger the only party members present are Joker and Morgana She then pulls off
Read more

Harus Persona 5 Royal Character Trailer Is Here

Harus received her own Persona 5 Royal character trailer once again showing off some new gameplay footage including her special Show Time attack with Morgana Haru is often thanks to the expanded story and all the new character-specific scenes
Read more

Persona 5 Royal Morgana Report Shows New Character And Updates

The trailer seen below theres more of that stylish combat that Persona 5 fans love Morgana plans to infiltrate Altus again to bring us more updates on the new features in Persona 5 Royal The text accompanying the video indicates that we will
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Persona 5 Royal Haru Introduction Trailer Shows Her Show Time Attack with Morgana

Haru Okumuras introduction trailer all but confirm a certain theory about the new January to April part Atlus published the Persona 5 Royal trailer introducing The next scene is Haru meeting with Morgana and Joker at their place
Read more

New Persona 5 Royal Trailer is Splashed with Striking Colors New Story Content New English Dialogue

Though the new trailer still features Japanese text the voices are all in English The intent is probably Well keep on top of Persona 5 Royal like Morgana keeps on top of your bedtime Visit our Persona 5 Royal guide for more information about
Read more

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