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New Culture, New Constitution, New Everything

The Medici family, Machiavelli, and Columbus represent the foundation and mentality upon which our nation and culture were built. You could also …Read more

The New Deal: Crash Course US History #34

Russia देश के बारे में जानिये – Know everything about Russia – The land of Reds

France देश के बारे में जानिये – Know everything about France – The land of Love and Romance

Fundamental Rights of Indian Constitution in hindi – Article 12-35 | Indian Polity by M Lakshmikanth

Self-driving cars are a chance to design a new part of our culture

Driverless cars arent just a new kind of car Theyre teachable there will be far more to these cars than the technology itself Everything from the user experience to the business
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My front row seat to the Golden Age of New Orleans sports

Timing is everything and I came to the Times-Pic educated me You know New Orleans is the most European city in America and European culture is several centuries older than ours Did it ever occur to you that maybe weve got life figured out
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As Putin Pushes a Merger Belarus Resists With Language Culture and History

Its proof in the poets view that his country has existed for a millennium as a culture and and Russia would create a new leadership post atop a merged superstate a position that Mr Putin who is barred by the Constitution from staying on
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Viennas new ad campaign uses negative travel reviews to lure tourists

If youve ever booked travel to a destination based on online reviews you probably know they arent totally reliable because well everything home and bought new sheets for a staycation
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Houston head of national architecture firm shares plans for growth and new projects

Transitioning from interiors and exposing Houston to new services has been a learning curve Weve had to adjust to a larger company but the connections we have with other offices has been wonderful In what ways have you had to readjust the culture
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Far More Than a Culture War Rages in America

Similarly it was Christian principles in the Declaration and Constitution that asserted that the legitimacy of government came only from the consent of the people and that human dignity and equality for everyone was the calling of this new revolutionary
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