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Netflix's Original Content Strategy Is Failing

Netflix (NFLX) stock dropped 11% on Thursday, July 18 after the company reported its lowest quarterly subscriber growth numbers in three years, and its first domestic subscriber loss since 2011. These disappointing subscriber numbers show that Netflix's …Read more

Netflixs Original Content Strategy Is Failing

These disappointing subscriber numbers show that Netflixs investment in original content has failed to deliver the sustainable competitive Rather than acknowledge the limitations of their strategy however Netflix appears determined to throw
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Netflix Might Be Changing Its Original Content Priorities

If Netflix focuses its original content spending primarily on attracting new subscribers and retaining existing viewers it should see improvements in cash flow Its old strategy of generating
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Netflix Lost 126000 US Subscribers in the Last Quarter

In its second quarter 2019 earnings call Netflix also said it failed to meet growth expectations Netflix spun the loss of those sitcoms and its Disney content as a move that would free up its budget for more original content Regardless the company
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Amazon pulls back from original kids programming

But the shows failed to generate the same buzz as Amazons content for older audiences be part of the reason for the shift in strategy As late as last year Amazon was continuing to promote its original productions in kids animation
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Publication of UNCOVER AF Study in Circulation Demonstrates Impact of Charge Density Mapping During AF Ablation

Cardiac ablation is a procedure that can reduce the burden of the arrhythmia and lessen the risk of adverse events yet traditional ablation procedures often fail to achieve long-term freedom from
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The Art Of Capturing Repeat Visitors 12 Expert Tips For Generating The Right Content

Many times a single blog post might spike in popularity and attempts to recreate its success may fail each time without a proper strategy in place and a Community Health Charities 4 Create Original Content Thats Useful And Fun When you sell a
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