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Netflix Is Boasting About Record Numbers For Stranger Things Season 3, And Nielsen Mostly Agrees

Netflix Monday claimed Stranger Things 3 shattered viewership records for the service, and TV ratings giant Nielsen apparently agrees. The measurement company Tuesday said the third installment of Netflix’s throwback thriller is shaping up to be “the most …Read more

How Do Film Critics Decide Which Films Are Worth Covering in the Age of Netflix IndieWire Critics Survey

Every week IndieWire asks a select handful of film critics two We do it with streaming series like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black Why not do it with films as well While Im disheartened to learn the New York Times didn
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Americans Love Fantastical Dramas and More Trivia on What We Watched in 2016

It sure seems like Netflixs Stranger Things was one of 2016s biggest hits Still for the programming airing on traditional linear TV Nielsen provides plenty of insights about who watched what this year So as has become our annual tradition
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Netflix Nielsen and The Elephant In The Room

The Wall Street Journal broke the news that Nielsen will attempt and likely claim to be 96 accurate regardlessto measure Netflix Amazon Prime and other streaming viewership numbers using I think everyone agrees that the genie is out of the
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Index sets up China shop

Index Holdings a mobile communications and media group has launched a China office Index China through group company Index Asia Pacific the company announced Thursday In partnership with China Mobile Index China will transmit Japanese comics and
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E3 2019 The Best and Worst Surprises

Googles Stadia offers something more akin to Netflix and looks to suffer from some of the same that there are major changes coming for the gaming industry some things remain the same even if its just Devolver Digital taking the piss out
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The clouds that destroyed The Cloud Vicious storm system and gale-force winds in Washington knock out Netflix Instagram AND Pinterest

The Elastic Compute Cloud in Northern Virginia which hosts several popular services including Netflix streaming movies social photo app Instagram and virtual pinboard Pinterest succumbed to the storm last night leaving thousands without their services
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