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Nepra directs all Discos to replace damaged transformers

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Ogra) on Tuesday issued directives to all power distribution companies (Discos) to ensure timely repair/replacement of damaged equipment and transformers. The Regulator issued these …Read more

Discos directed to replace faulty transformers

ISLAMABAD Taking serious notice of widespread irregularities the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority Nepra has ordered all the notice that Discos had been repeatedly failing to repair or replace damaged distribution transformers on timely
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Electricity theft regulation and timely law to salvage energy loss

The law also mandates the establishment of electricity committees in all communities in the state to partner with the State Electricity Board in ensuring the prevention of trespass upon or damage to substations buildings cable poles transformers
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Nigeria Benin DISCO Lauds Arrest of Vandals

If a pole is damaged wires are carted away and transformers are vandalized the community remains in darkness It behoves on all of us to ensure that these since they are the direct users of these facilities
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Meter Asset Provider Regulation A Game Changer

Where a MAP fails to repair or replace a damaged meter feeders and distribution transformers Where a customer relocates within a franchise area the customer shall apply to the Distribution CompanyDistribution Licensee DISCO for the transfer
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NDPHC Transforms Narrative Of Power Supply In Niger Delta

The government unbundled PHCN into 11 electricity distribution companies DisCos six generating companies GenCos power supply and send maintenance team out to repair and replace damaged equipment or clear fallen trees The minister urged the
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Consumers to pay for Discos inefficiency

Also read Nepra bars Discos from fresh recruitments In and the consumers would be made to pay he summed up The damage to the sector does not stop at direct cost calculation of these transformers but also includes opportunity cost for the
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