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Neko Works Reveals Nekopara TV Anime Details, Nekopara Vol. 4 Game Title

Neko Works announced on Friday that it is developing a new game in its Nekopara game franchise titled Nekopara Vol. 4: Neko to Patisserie no Noel . Additionally, the website for the game franchise’s anime adaptation announced the show’s staff and cast, …Read more

CBP! After Dark – The Stargazers

Elajjaz Stream Archive – Conker's Bad Fur Day! Wrapping up, then Layers of Fear 2! … WITH CHAT

Nekopara Developer Announces Two New Visual Novels and an Anime Series

First of all we learn that the franchise by independent studio Neko Works is going to be turned into a TV anime series down the line Both games are said to be in development in parallel with Nekopara Vol 4
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Nekopara Vol 2 for PS4 and Switch includes Nekopara Extra

The PlayStation 4 and Switch versions of Nekopara Vol 2 includes Nekopara Extra publisher CFK and developer Neko Works announced Nekopara Extra which was a standalone release on PC when it launched in July 2018 is unlocked after clearing Nekopara Vol
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Sekai Project Degica Plan to Launch Kickstarters for NEKOPARA Anime Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Game Remake

Meet Sayori the creator of Neko Para panel at Anime Expo on Sunday that it will launch a Kickstarter campaign for an anime based on Sayori and NEKO WORKs NEKOPARA adult game The company could not confirm with ANN any further details about the project
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Q-Taku Animesque Web Series RWBY is Everything Wrong With Strong Female Characters

Q-taku is a column by Rose where she discusses anime manga and other parts of associated pop culture and its fandom and her take on it all as a queer feminist viewer Anime is a pretty varied medium with a wide variety of visual styles But there is
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Nekopara Vol 3 coming to PS4 Switch in June

Nekopara Vol Neko Works will distribute a pamphlet containing advance information on the PlayStation 4 and Switch versions at its booth at Character1 2019 which will take place on April 29 at Tokyo Big Sight Here is an overview of the game via
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Nekopara Game Gets PS4 Switch Versions

NEKO WORKs official Twitter account announced on Monday that it will release its NEKOPARA game on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles going out at the beginning of this year The anime also screened in Tokyo on January 1
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