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Nearly 30% of delivery drivers admit to taking food from an order, according to a new survey

If you've ever worried that your food delivery seemed slightly eaten, those worries have just been confirmed: 28% of delivery drivers said they had …Read more

Nearly 30 of delivery drivers admit to taking food from an order according to a new survey

Sometimes paranoia isnt just paranoia
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More than 25 Percent of Delivery Drivers Say They Taste Customers Food Study Finds

A disturbing new report indicates that more than a quarter of delivery-food drivers sample their customers meals It also interviewed 1518 American adults who have used the apps According to the survey the average American has two food delivery
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Shocking survey shows nearly 30 percent of delivery workers have taken a bite out of your food

More than a quarter of delivery workers have admitted to snacking on a customers take-out order before dropping it off according to a new survey The intention of the survey by US Foods was to understand the habits and pain points of consumers who
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Nearly half of millennials turn to gig economy to earn more cash

48 of millennial workers say they earn extra income on the side according to a new Bankratecom survey of his nearly two-year probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election Issues two-week temporary restraining order against
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After endless conflicts an entrepreneurial ecosystem blooms in Iraq

Its much easier to order online But Alneamy who graduated from Mosul University with a software engineering degree admits theyre not quite there yet Logistics is a major problem Right now were hiring our own drivers to get around the city
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Why Americas Overstressed Workers Wont Take A Break

This vacation nonuse may factor into US workers high stress levels According to a Monster survey taking vacations eitherbut for different reasons Many are time-crunched parents working as independent contractors or sharing-economy delivery
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