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Muslims, Christians jeopardizing Indian culture: Indian culture

The BJP leader, who is known for making controversial remarks, asserted that Indian culture is only reflected in the regions where Hindu population …Read more

Hindu religion or culture was never under attack during Muslim rule in India

Titled Culture in India was not aimed at dominating Indian culture or Hinduism Early modern-era Muslims were in fact deeply interested in traditional Indian learning which is largely housed in Sanskrit says Truschke who is teaching religion
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India PM Modis yoga offensive gets Muslims stressed

Yoga is part of ancient Indias cultural heritage said Manmohan Vaidya an RSS spokesman By celebrating yoga on a mass scale we are validating our glorious past The glory days however precede Islam and Christianity and the yoga push
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Indias Right to Cultural Self-Determination

It is not unreasonable for a nation to seek to protect and promote its perceived cultural positions in India Second the Indian religions especially Hinduism are Indo-centric in their sacred geography in a way that Islam and Christianity are not
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Indias Muslims quiver in the new dawn of an emboldened Narendra Modi

Hinduism is a community based on shared culture practices rather than a dogmatic book In this way he said Muslims and Christians were also Hindus their lifestyles and rituals also inflected by Indias Hindu civilisation Muslims form an
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In India Muslim men can end a marriage by saying divorce three times One woman wants to stop that

We were guaranteed religious freedom and we will fight to preserve and practice our culture language and religion freely said Arshad Madani the head of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Indias largest Muslim group Very courageous Shayara grew up
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Nigerian Islamic terrorism transcends religion

RALEIGH NC BP — Islamic terrorism thrives in Nigeria because of a culture that trains which is not found in any other country including Saudi Arabia India Indonesia Malaysia and other predominantly Islamic countries It is purely a socially
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