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Musikfest food: A half-dozen picks and favs

The Spanish-born chef has sparked food trends, owns restaurants in major cities across the country, and has won countless industry accolades, …Read more

Musikfest food A half-dozen picks and favs

Jose Andres is one of the most influential chefs in the world The Spanish-born chef has sparked food trends owns restaurants in major cities across the country and has won countless industry accolades including three prestigious James Beard Awards
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Celebrate National Doughnut Day with these OS Foodie favorites

Quirky pick The cakey blueberry doughnut is glazed with the fruits flavor How much 80 cents each 450 for a half dozen and 750 for a bakers You can find everything from traditional favorites such as sour cream to wacky flavors including
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Chris Vals Cafe opens in Lemoyne

As for the one-dish bowls Proietto said she borrowed the idea from Off Campus Bites a food truck she operated for students at Penn State Harrisburg A breakfast bowl melds early morning favorites the menu includes a half dozen sandwiches from
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My Fastest Favorites Top Ten Fast Foods

Dont get me wrong there are a few — some burgers and of course I included my go-to fast-food taco — but most of my real favorites are sprinkled throughout Breakfast tacos at Villa Arcos have saved my life a half-dozen times since I moved to
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Musikfest 2015 Final weekend Top 10

Two more biggies are coming to Musikfests free stages on Friday Performing at 9 pm at Volksplatz is Cracker the chart-topping alt-rock Americana group that has racked up a worldwide fan base in its quarter century Cracker had a half-dozen Top 30
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Musikfest is for Kids and Families Too

There is food up and down every street of Musikfest with over 50 vendors but Banana Island has kid favorites mac and cheese At the end of musikfest well pick four grand prize winners for a class or camp at the Banana Factory said Novotnak
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