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MR worried about the future of French-speaking culture in Brussels

The Reformist movement (MR) revealed it is concerned about the future of the French-speaking culture in Brussels on Saturday. It is concerned …Read more

Gauke Hammond and Stewart plotting to quit before Boris Johnson becomes PM

But by the time Mr Johnson the Queen to Brussels to seek a further delay to Britains departure from the EU Europhile MPs are worried that if and when Boris Johnson becomes prime minister next week he could try to ignore a future vote in the
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When a breakup makes you rethink your relationship Brexit and Germany

The Germans are just shaking their heads and wondering how on earth did this happen says Fraser Cameron senior adviser at the European Policy Center in Brussels the USA Mr Worth says There is not any sort of cultural affinity
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Brexit EUs Juncker urges Belgian citizenship for UK staff

The EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has urged Belgium to grant citizenship to British EU staff worried about their post-Brexit status About 1100 UK citizens work for the EU in Brussels Mr Farage said The Dutch- and French-speaking
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Jospin gives French look to European federation

Lionel Jospin put a specifically French stamp on the great debate about the future of Europe yesterday of uniformity and the invasion of cultural products from a single source he said In foreign policy Mr Jospin called for a consistent EU
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DUP criticism of Michel Barnier is missing the point

Diane Dodds insists she meets Mr Barnier regularly in Brussels and he is in no doubt about the Ireland who voted to remain in the EU and who are understandably worried about what the future holds
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Angela Merkel irritating Germany after latest tremors incident – Questions remain

One has to say that in Germany there is a culture s no need to worry about me German political commentator Stefan Cornelius suggested Mrs Merkel may be overworked after she was filmed shaking for the second time last month Mr Cornelius urged
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