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Most simple things which mostly keep us wrong

We might sometimes have a problem with complex tasks,and there are a lot of things which we are doing every day and we have already made those as habits that they seem totally normal the way we are doing least most of us have figured out the simplest things that get us through the day But no, if you know how to do stuff the right way instead of your habitual way, your life will change!

1.Clean a cast iron frying pan:

© awelsher/ instagram
“>© / instagram

2.keep banana from turning brown:

3.Clean spread from the bottom of Peanut Butter Jar:


4.Revive Stale Food:

©dhruvvats / instagram

5.Open a coconut at home:

© the_sunshine_within/ instagram

6.Open Ice Cream packs:

7. Crumbl cookies:

©pekorinperorin / instagram


© / instagram

9.Superiority burgerp:

© superiorityburger/ instagram
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