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Morning markets: Can corn futures hit $5.00 a bushel?

Can corn futures regain $5.00 a bushel? “No two years are alike, but the last time spot corn closed above $4.50 a bushel and headed higher, in February of 2014, futures hit $5.19 ½ a bushel, the May 2014 high,” said Mike Mawdsley at First Choice …Read more

Market to Market (May 31, 2019)

Market to Market (March 28, 2014)

Market to Market (November 2, 2018)

Market to Market (November 30, 2018)

Morning markets Can corn futures hit 500 a bushel

Can corn futures regain 500 a bushel No two years are alike but the last time spot corn closed above 450 a bushel and headed higher in February of 2014 futures hit 519 a bushel the May 2014 high said Mike Mawdsley at First Choice
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Corn market pops while stock futures hit record highs

The drop in their crop sizes inspired corn buyers and led that market to its biggest one-day gain in over six months climbing over six cents per bushel on Thursday a commodity futures brokerage firm can be reached at 800-411-3888 or
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USDA report shocks grain markets

A monthly Department of Agriculture grain production report released Friday morning drove the grain markets toward new highs After the report was released corn a commodity futures brokerage firm in Valparaiso He can be reached at 800 411-3888
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Will the USDA Bombshell Stick

TRADING COMMODITY FUTURES AND OPTIONS Sign up for our Morning Ag Hedge newsletter Sign up here httpwwwzanercomlandingaghedgenewsletterasp We know that late planted corn generally has less yield potential and can be at high risk for issues
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Bull Market Run in Grains Quickly Turning to Gloom for US Agriculture

While scanning the newswire headlines this morning Friday higher but major market tops are not far away Ive heard some predict nearby corn futures could hit 1000 a bushel and that nearby soybean futures could hit 2000 I cant rule out
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Morning markets Wheat futures revive stabilising corn too

Chicago wheat futures for July in tumbling below the psychologically important 500-a-bushel mark taking them above the 10bn-bushel mark for the first time One cant ignore the relatively thin demand for old crop corn and beans Benson
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