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More than 25 Percent of Delivery Drivers Say They Taste Customer's Food, Study Finds

A disturbing new report indicates that more than a quarter of delivery-food drivers sample their customers' meals before dropping them off. The study …Read more

More than 25 Percent of Delivery Drivers Say They Taste Customers Food Study Finds

The study conducted by US Food examined the habits of both delivery customers and drivers nearly 85 percent of respondents said theyd like restaurants to use tamper-evident lids or labels More than one in four delivery people say theyve sampled
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How harsh is your speeding ticket A new study suggests it may come down to your race

In total the number of police officers who show racial bias in the study is around 25 percent and black drivers on average are less wealthy than white drivers They dont discriminate when deciding whom to pull over but are more likely to
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Money Not Access Key to Resident Food Choices in Food Deserts

A new study from North Carolina State University and Campbell University finds 25 percent more than they did at supermarkets The researchers also conducted in-depth interviews with 42 neighborhood residents The interviews focused on food habits
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Kids Sipping Alcohol Common Study Finds

Taking sips and tastes of alcohol at an early age is common according to a new study that polled the early alcohol experiences of 452 children at ages 8 and 10 Overall 39 percent of those who do more than sip and taste before age 14 – are four
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Legislation says Maines home care workers deserve better pay

Proponents say the increase of baby boomers 29 percent of its 13 million residents were born between 1946 and 1964 and theyre turning 65 at a rate of 18250 a year according to AARP Maine By 2030 more than 25 percent of Mainers will
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The elements that go to making the best of the MBA

Its more than just about how many people think they are good at it but are actually quite poor There is a strong international element with both the full-time and part-time programmes featuring international study trips
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