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More evidence fried food ups heart disease, stroke risk

(HealthDay)—Check out the menus at any county fair—corn dogs, fried Oreos, even fried butter—and you'll quickly see that Americans love fried foods …Read more

More evidence fried food ups heart disease stroke risk

HealthDayCheck out the menus at any county faircorn dogs fried Oreos even fried butterand youll quickly see that Americans love fried foods But yet another study suggests that its
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More evidence supplements wont help the heart

The investigators did find some evidence that a low-salt diet reduced premature death among those with normal blood pressure and that omega-3 fatty acids in food protected against heart attack and heart disease the risk for stroke the researchers
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Frequent fried food increases risk for obesity heart disease death

Women who eat more than one serving a week of fried chicken or fried fish have an increased risk of heart building up in the coronary arteries Bhusri said Consuming fats from fried food directly impacts the burden of this disease
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No good evidence supplements protect against heart disease and early death

There was tentative and weak evidence that some omega-3 fatty acid supplements may slightly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease There was similarly weak evidence folic acid may decrease the risk of stroke Heart Lung and Blood Institute the
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One Diet Has the Best Heart-Health Evidence

Findings of low certainty in Khans study included omega-3 fatty acids being tied to reduced risk of MI RR 092 95 CI 085-099 and coronary heart disease RR 093 On the other hand stroke risk went up with calcium plus vitamin D supplementation
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Why Your Diet and Supplements May Not Help You Stay Heart-Healthy

Folic acid may also help lower the risk of stroke developing heart disease However new evidence suggests that certain diets might not do as much for our heart health as we previously thought and some eating plans may actually do more harm
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