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More Evidence Fried Food Ups Heart Disease Risk

People who ate fried foods one to three times a week had a 7% higher risk of heart attack and stroke compared to those who ate fried foods less than …Read more

More evidence fried food ups heart disease stroke risk

HealthDayCheck out the menus at any county faircorn dogs fried Oreos even fried butterand youll quickly see that Americans love fried foods But yet another study suggests that its
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Fried food DOES increase your risk of coronary artery disease

Fried food really does increase your risk of getting coronary artery disease CAD research suggests Studies have thrown up conflicting that supply the heart with oxygen and nutrients become damaged CAD affects more than 16million men and
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More evidence that fried food raises heart attack risk

People who eat lots of fried food higher risk of heart disease compared to those who eat healthier according to US researchers The findings in Circulation a journal of the American Heart Association were based on a six-year study of more than
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Frequent fried food increases risk for obesity heart disease death

Women who eat more than one serving a week of fried chicken or fried fish have an increased risk of heart building up in the coronary arteries Bhusri said Consuming fats from fried food directly impacts the burden of this disease
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More evidence supplements wont help the heart

The investigators did find some evidence that a low-salt diet reduced premature death among those with normal blood pressure and that omega-3 fatty acids in food protected against heart attack and reducing the risk of chronic disease said Steve
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Fried food linked to heightened risk of death among older US women

Up to a third of North American adults have fast-food every day and previous studies have suggested that a greater intake of fried food is associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease But evidence ate one or more servings
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