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Minister grants woodlands protection after years of delay by predecessors

The environment minister, Sussan Ley, has added more plants and animals to Australia's national list of threatened species, including woodlands that had been eligible for protection for years. Ley announced on Friday afternoon that the Nabarlek, found in the …Read more

The Club of Queer Trades by G. K. Chesterton

O Lost! UNC-Chapel Hill, Thomas Wolfe and the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918

From Travels In Alaska by John Muir – FULL AudioBook – Naturalism & Outdoor Adventure

National Assembly for Wales Plenary 28.11.18

Minister grants woodlands protection after years of delay by predecessors

Native bush and woodland in Tasmania Sussan Ley has listed the states woodlands dominated by black gum or brookers gum as critically endangered Photograph Alamy The environment minister Sussan Ley has added more plants and animals to Australias
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Understanding the Forests Act 2009 Part II

The total delay was therefore over three and one half years an unsatisfactory state of affairs by any standards given the importance of this legislation The predecessor the concerned Minister has to give hisher approval after considering the
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Two years of Amarinder government With firm grip on power Punjab CM leads charge but hit by delays

On taking over the two-time chief minister launched a war on drugs and gangsters but felt constrained by fund crunch in implementation of populist promises After the euphoria around the Congress return to power following a gap of 10 years faded away
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Small business angry over section 457 visa delays

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection now boasts it processes the to hire offshore talent when there is none available locally It grants up to four years residency after which the holder must apply for a longer visa or go back home
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Not Saving the Children

After Independence NGOs in Pakistan emerged as welfare This could be a hangover from the years of Zia whose setup Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif served as Punjabs finance minister In some ways the new regulations on NGOs being introduced by Sharif
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Spectacled flying fox declared endangered after Queensland heatwave wipeout

Two of the woodlands were first recommended for a critically endangered listing in 2017 when Josh Frydenberg was the minister and have been repeatedly delayed since then After 18 months of pointless delays by her predecessor Josh Frydenberg
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