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Migrant summer school brings Mexican culture into the classroom for Salem students

It's a cultural activity woven into a summer school program for Salem-Keizer migrant children where students blend reading and math exercises with …Read more

Migrant summer school in Centralia aims to give head start

This year the Centralia School District received a federal grant of over 16000 to provide the population with a Migrant Summer School a supplemental program aimed to help the students and she plans to bring it back to her classroom
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Migrant workers children savor summer school

The Haitian and Mexican kids are very distant they dont know each others culture Freudenberg said We try to promote harmony To woo teens into the summer school is much bigger and better equipped than his three-classroom school
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Stability benefits migrant childrens education in Oregon

Once they qualify students receive help during school after school tutoring pre-school and summer school embedded in the culture Jose Rivera of Centro Cultural in Cornelius said that as migrant families settle permanently into Oregon
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How to have the hard conversation with kids about migration at the US border

Teachers are often reluctant to bring controversial subjects into the classroom for fear of being In Farinas hands the migrant crisis though a hot-button issue among the diverse students she teaches will become an opportunity for young people
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US school districts weigh duty to youth migrant shelters

When San Benito Texas school leaders learned of an influx of children to a migrant shelter in their small town near the US-Mexico summer months Rochelle Garza a Brownsville Texas-based attorney who advocates for the children in court noted the
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Emory students propose solutions to problems facing migrants refugees

Emory students from Colombia Mexico Syria Afghanistan Guinea and Sierra Leone now living in Morocco France Italy Brazil Canada Lebanon and the US After my first class I knew from my own experience working in migrant and refugee
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