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Michael Rakowitz: The artist recreating looted treasures

These challenging flavour combinations of aesthetics, politics, and culture are prefigured in Rakowitz's own family background. He is an American of …Read more

Michael Rakowitz The artist recreating looted treasures

Michael Rakowitz is a connoisseur of ghosts He is also a teacher a stone carver a radio broadcaster a chef His work often refers at one or two deceptive removes to things and people that are dead gone lost or on their way out He creates charming
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Artist Michael Rakowitz Reveals the Iraq Wars Many Wounds

Installation view of Michael Rakowitz the exhibition includes Rakowitzs ongoing series The invisible enemy should not exist for which the artist and his assistants are fabricating artifacts looted from the Iraqi National Museum in 2003
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Iraqi food for thought Michael Rakowitzs Backstroke of the West

The story blew over almost as quickly as it had come to light one of the many stranger-than- Installation view Michael Rakowitz for the artist because it was from there that an international online project was launched in 2003 Lost Treasures
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Michael Rakowitz review horribly entertaining tour of ruined utopias

Horribly entertaining an item from Michael Rakowitzs The John NguyenPA More than 15000 artefacts were looted from the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad after the city fell to US troops in 2003 and Rakowitz has since 2007 been trying
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Theyve just unveiled the new Fourth Plinth sculpture

The National Museum of Iraq was looted as the war kicked off in 2003 Thousands of treasures were lost or destroyed there and at archaeological sites around the country Iraqi-American artist Michael and the one Rakowitz is recreating here had stood
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Londons Must-See 2019 Exhibitions Including Mandela Michelangelo And Manga

Its a creation of the artist Michael Rakowitz who has a major show at Whitechapel Gallery paintings and prints as well as recreating the cramped domestic room in which Blake put his reputation on the line Antony Gormley has made a name for
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