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Mice, mold, & maggots: Kushner real estate in Baltimore

In light of President Trump's attacks against Baltimore as a “rat and rodent infested mess,” ProPublica reporter Alec MacGillis joins Yasmin …Read more

Mice mold maggots Kushner real estate in Baltimore

In light of President Trumps attacks against Baltimore as a rat and rodent infested mess several lawsuits and hundreds of code violations involving Jared Kushners family-owned Baltimore propertiesJuly 29 2019
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Of Mice and Mold Baltimore Tenant Complaints Show Jared Kushners Not Exactly a Model Landlord

President Trump bashed Baltimore rat mice and cockroach infestations mold leaky ceilings and faulty plumbing Through ownership of the New York-based real estate company Kushner Companies
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Jared Kushners Family-Owned Baltimore Apartment Complexes Reportedly Had Mice Infestations

But the irony of Trumps use of Baltimore as a cudgel is that some of the blame for living conditions in some parts of the city can be laid at the feet of real estate developers Tenants reported mice and maggot infestations and mold problems
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Maryland AG is investigating Kushner real estate company

Marylands AG is investigating the property company run by Jared numerous Baltimore residents blasted conditions at the properties earlier this year In one stomach-churning story Jasmine Cox of the Cove Village complex complained of maggots emerging
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Baltimore residents slam Kushners as slum lords

Among them were a gap in the bathroom skylight that let in rain and snow black mold around the bathtub told that her property was owned by Kushner Companies Jasmine Cox – the woman whose home was filled with maggots and sewage – had little to say
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