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Merck salvages some pride in breast cancer

Two months after Keytruda failed in second-line triple-negative breast cancer Merck has scored a win in the disease's neoadjuvant setting. In an interim analysis of the delayed Keynote-522 trial the drug plus chemo beat chemo alone in terms of pathological …Read more

Breast Cancers Financial Toll The High Cost of Fighting for Your Life

In June she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer Marci had worked in the finance I had to sell my pride and joy — a beautiful red corvette I was able to use some of the cost as a tax deduction last year but that doesnt come close to helping
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Roches Avastin fails to prolong survival in brain cancer study

but in most situations it should be reserved as a salvage regimen In the study led by Gilbert and sponsored by the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients following surgery received either the Merck Co brain cancer
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Management of Brain Metastases in the Era of Targeted and Immunomodulatory Therapies

More recently some targeted systemic therapies have demonstrated evidence of activity in the brainspecifically in melanoma lung cancers and breast cancers Alectinib salvages CNS relapses in ALK-positive lung cancer patients previously treated
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2018 in review Merck Co sets new standards in oncology CAR-Ts hit EU market

Daniel ODay who has helped develop and market some cancer trial in combination with US Merck drug in April Roche abandoned research into its PI3K-class drug taselisib after deciding its side effects were likely to outweigh its limited benefits in
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Eli Lilly Struggles for Pipeline Success

Ramucirumab was an embarrassing failure as a breast cancer therapeutic although Lilly is still trying to salvage the agent for use in stomach 54 billion to 47 billion by 2018 Compared to Mercks over 8 billion RD budget and Pfizers 65
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Marketers take a new approach to lung-cancer campaigns and why that matters

That said lung cancer sure seems to receive short shrift within oncology It claims more lives every year than breast prostate can suffer from it of course they can See also Merck launches DTC campaign for Keytruda Perhaps thats why Merck
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