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Mendel and the culture of commemoration

So, this seems then to be a good moment to reflect again on the 'culture of commemoration'- how history of science is re-told and why 'discovery …Read more

Hasidic leader known for Holocaust commemoration push dies at 96

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Taub the leader of the Kaliv Hasidic dynasty and a Holocaust survivor who made a lifetime of campaigning for Holocaust commemoration and education died on Sunday in his Jerusalem home at the age of 96 A survivor of the Auschwitz
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New Frankfurt exhibition explores the Holocaust through comics

its becomes less charged and more open Mendel said The exhibition is accompanied by an educational program incorporating workshops and discussions on the culture of alternative commemoration One of the discussions deals with comics as a medium that
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Jews in New York Vow Never to Forget Nazi Atrocities Against Jewish People

Levine president of the JNF of America and Mendel Fischer JNF executive director A touching scene was enacted when 14 representatives of 14 Jewish communities that were exterminated by the Hitler fury each stepped up to the platform in single
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Emanuel and the Hanukkah Rescue tells of whaling history

The eight-day Jewish holiday begins this year on Saturday evening in an annual commemoration of events related to a Smith Hydes first two published books Mendels Accordion published in 2007 and winner of the Sugarman Award for
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The other Primo

Unfolding in episodic flashback The Seventh Well effectively embraces all persecuted Jewish culture from the shtetls of Lithuania In the opening chapter What Keeps a Man Alive the Orthodox Jew Mendel Teichmann holds fellow inmates spellbound
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At Auschwitz an exhibit takes an unprecedented look at religion and survival

We have captured the last living survivors of Auschwitz a very important metaphor for the 75th commemoration of liberation The question is how does that culture of faith interact with what they were experiencing the deathworld they
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