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Mekong River at its lowest in 100 years, threatening food supply

… worse than in 2016, when another drought caused forest fires around Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia and widespread disruptions to food production.Read more

Mekong River at its lowest in 100 years threatening food supply

A severe drought that has caused water levels in Southeast Asias Mekong River to drop to their lowest in more than 100 years could have devastating consequences for fish as well as the tens of millions of people living and working along the river
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Could damming the Mekong destroy south-east Asias greatest river and food bowl

Conservationists politicians and at least one prime minister are warning the quest for hydro power for booming urban centres in China and south-east Asia is threatening the food supply of entire Lower Mekong River mainstream and its tributaries
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Dammed and dying The Mekong and its communities face a bleak future

A body representing four downstream governments reported yesterday that the Mekong was at its lowest of river The Mekong only 20 years ago one of the most untouched rivers could become one of the most dammed in the world with more than 100 other
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Will climate change sink the Mekong Delta

Left The Mekong River emphasis on food security meaning in the Delta reserving more than half of its arable land exclusively for rice seemed increasingly anachronistic Still as food production and exports climbed year after year
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Droughts bring severe damage to some Asian countries

The drought dried up riverbeds and aggravated saline water intrusion into coastal areas threatening Vietnams southern Mekong Delta the countrys rice bowl said Neefjes The Mekong River the lowest in the past 100 years said EVN
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Mayhem on the Mekong

Hydropower dams planned for the lower Mekong could damage ecosystems and erode food security across the river basin extending 60 to 100 km upstream Some 2100 villagers would be resettled Last September Laos informed MRC of its intention to proceed
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