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Meet Zoha Rahman, The Muslim Actor In “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

In January, photos from the filming of Spider-Man: Far From Home appeared to show a Muslim woman in a hijab on the set, and people started to wonder who she could be. The woman in the photos is Zoha Rahman, a law graduate from Pakistan. She plays a …Read more

Spider-Man Far From Home Actor Zoha Rahman on Why We Need Better Muslim Representation in Hollywood and Filming the Marvel Film

Even before Spider-Man Far From Home swung into with the London-based actor about ditching studying law to pursue performing the power of Muslim representation and more Teen Vogue Can you briefly introduce yourself Zoha Rahman My name is Zoha
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British-Pakistani actor Zoha Rahman essays first hijab-wearing character in the Marvel Universe

Muslim representation introduced in the newly-released Spider-Man Far from Home In the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man Homecoming Pakistani actor Zoha Rahman plays Peter Parker aka Spider
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Who is Spider-Man star Zoha Rahman Meet the actress playing Marvels first on-screen hijabi character

Zoha Rahman has made Marvel history with her appearance in Spider-Man Far from Home cast Twitter was immediately intrigued One user posted that he had no idea who that girl was in Hollands Instagram story but if were actually getting a Muslim
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Zoha Rahman becomes Marvels first hijabi character with Spider-Man Far From Home

Muslim representation is finally paving its way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU as the first hijab-clad character is officially getting introduced in Spider-Man Far From Home Forbes reported that British actor and model Zoha Rahman had
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Talking representation and Hollywood with Zoha Rahman Marvels first hijabi character in Spider-Man

The New Arab Meets British actress Zoha Rahman who plays the part of Peter Parkers Muslim actors like myself because this isnt just about me Its about getting colour and representation on the big screen Spider Man Far from Home is out in
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Meet Zoha Rahman – Spidermans first ever hijabi character

Zoha Rahman says she feels like the Muslim identity is used more space for underrepresented actors because this isnt just about me I want to colour in every screen I can – literally Spider-Man Far from Home will be out in cinemas this July
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