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Meditate with Urmila: Food for thought

Food affects the quality of meditation. Different types of food such as raw, cooked or processed, come with different levels of energy. Whether we …Read more

Meditate with Urmila Food for thought

Young african woman standing behind bar counter cutting a pineapple on chopping board Female working at juice bar preparing pineapple juice Image Credit Getty ImagesiStockphoto Food affects
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Transcendental Meditation is food for thought in battle against ourselves

free love thing invented by a tiny hirsute Indian man who thought he could fly look up yogic flying However if social media and shopping habits are any indication the times have changed and people no longer think yoga organic food and meditation are
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200000 a year on therapy and daily meditation Poor Jen Aniston had the last laugh over Angelina

One close friend told Halperin Who would have thought that Jen would have ever looked better It was thanks to daily meditation sessions and regular therapy that she was able to deal with the death of her mother actress Nancy Dow in 2016 Halperin
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At war with the Body

Food for thought In a recent report assessment and counselling Special session with the family about dos and donts Encourage yoga meditation dance and music therapies Stay up to date on all the latest Health news with The New Indian Express
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Can Anxiety Be Good for You

For all these reasons it worries me when I hear motivational speakers especially those bent on having us all meditate promise us a life of unfrazzled bliss where no thought is too random and no emotion too big to control They tell me that I have to not
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Meditate with Urmila Beginners guide to meditation

One helpful way is to say I will wait for another thought till then I meditate Getting carried away is the issue really When you sit and focus it is but natural to bring everything in
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