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Medici Summer School Marks Interaction Between Science and Culture

“Rare is the scientist or cultural producer who declares that they are motivated by profit,” explain the Summer School organizers. “And yet especially in …Read more

What it takes to be accepted to Harvard Business School from a current student who did it

Of the students with a science the summer between your two years is kind of a gift to explore something completely different Two crossed lines that form an X It indicates a way to close an interaction or dismiss a notification A check mark
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Silicon Valley leaders talk at Morehouse med school Spelman

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was officially at the Morehouse School of of its computer science department to cyberphysical systems because Johnson said it recognized industry developments such as theres now no difference between hardware
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Seton Elm-Ivy Awards awarded to people and groups connecting town and gown

On her own initiative Xia Feng began to work in 2015 with Yales Summer English Language Institutes ELI visiting teachers from China hosting a three-week program at Ives Library on modern Chinese culture boundaries between school and community
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Berks Best 2019 Visual Arts finalists and nominees

Post-high school in the summer of 2014 my sister grandparents and I took a two-week trip to northern Italy and southern France Immersed in a vastly different culture on top of a language barrier I had the preconception that interactions with
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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recognizes academic excellence with spring 2019 Deans Medalists

Paterson became interested in pan-Asian studies and culture early on She traveled to China through a National Security Language Initiative youth scholarship in high school Coulomb interactions an electrodynamic principle of interactions between
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Beauty By Design The Intersection Of Data And Digital Art

At The Space launch event last summer at the Tate Modern over 150 coders theres still a sense that it exists in a kind of liminal space between data science statistical analysis and what might be regarded as art proper
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