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MAX Grounding Causes American Airlines To Retain Old Aircraft

The grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX has gone on for so long that American Airlines is now forced to retain old aircraft they planned to retire, as reported by CH Aviation. Amercan Airlines 737 aircraft side view American has the second-largest MAX fleet in …Read more

Is the Boeing 737 MAX Safe to fly?

Boeing 737 Max 8 Planes Under Pressure To Be Grounded After Ethiopian Airlines Crash | TODAY

Airlines not grounding Max 8 airplanes after recent Ethiopia plane crash killing 157

Ethiopian Airlines flight 302: Why did the Boeing 737 MAX crash? | DW News

Boeing insists fix to 737 Max software will get it right but flights are likely still months off

In May American Airlines CEO Air Canada had 24 Max planes in its fleet of 400 aircraft and 37 on order when the planes were grounded in March The airline said it was operating 75 Boeing 737 Max flights daily before the grounding carrying 9000
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Southwest Most Impacted By MAX Grounding

American Airlines the MAX by retaining some of its aircraft it intended to retire as well as via new regional jets and widebody aircraft American had already deployed the MAX on some of its S America routes so the impact of the MAX grounding for
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UK Australia others also ground Boeing 737 MAX after crash Updated

The additional groundings account for about 40 percent of all 737 MAX aircraft in service The United States Federal Aviation Administration has not yet taken any action citing the absence of conclusive data on the crashs cause An investigation is
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Airlines fly Boeing 737 MAX 8 after crash despite China grounding

American Airlines also backed the jet which sells for 112 million at list prices or a net value of about 50 million after typical discounts according to industry sources At this time there are no facts on the cause of grounding 737 MAX 8s
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Boeing and US under pressure to ground 737 Max as further bans brought in

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants called on American Airlines to ground Max aircraft on Wednesday Two US airline pilots filed voluntary safety reports last year to a database compiled by Nasa saying an automated system seemed to cause
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Trump worries about complex aircraft as Europe races to ground Boeing 737 Max jets

Europe joined a growing list of nations and airlines Tuesday to ground the 737 Max until the FAA confirms the safety of these aircraft and their passengers Further investigation may reveal that mechanical issues were not the cause but
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