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Mavericks: Proving Grounds Developer Goes Bankrupt, Game Development Cancelled

Automaton Games, who some gamers might recognize as the developers of the “find the killer” game “Deceit”, has filed for bankruptcy. The Mavericks: Proving Grounds developer has also cancelled the aforementioned project, which was an open-world battle …Read more

Mavericks Proving Grounds Developer Goes Bankrupt Game Development Cancelled

Automaton Games who some gamers might recognize as the developers of the find the killer game Deceit has filed for bankruptcy The Mavericks Proving Grounds developer has also
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Giant Battle Royale Game Mavericks Proving Grounds Cancels Development Closes Studio

Please be advised that due to insufficient funding the development of the Mavericks Proving Grounds game has now ceased The joint administrators are in the process of licensing the Deceit game
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Mavericks Proving Grounds canceled Automaton Games closes

as Mavericks Proving Grounds has been canceled Originally announced back in 2017 the 1000-player Battle Royale is no longer in development and UK studio Automaton Games has now been closed in addition to the game being canceled Paul Cooper and Paul
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Automaton Games Adds 1000-Player Mode to Revolutionary Battle Royale Game Mavericks Proving Grounds Built with Improbables SpatialOS

LOS ANGELES June 11 2018 PRNewswire — Electronic Entertainment Expo– Today at the PC Gaming Show Automaton Games developer of the upcoming massive multiplayer tactical shooter Mavericks Proving Grounds debuts ll be able to go hands-on with
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Amazon Lays Off Dozens of Developers Cancels Unannounced Games

Kotaku has a new report that Amazon Game Studios has laid off dozens of developers and was canceled in 2017 Amazon responded to the story by saying – Amazon Game Studios is reorganizing some of our teams to allow us to prioritize development of
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PLP Minister On Ariel Sands Redevelopment

The ground breaking for the project which The statement made by the Opposition in respect of the Ariel Sands development is sad and desperate It is hardly unusual for a developer to demolish a site prior to submission of a Development Application
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