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Marvel legends explain how What If… ? broke the mold and remade comics history

What if Rick Jones became the Hulk instead of Bruce Banner? What if Spider-Man managed to save Gwen Stacy? What if Professor X became the Juggernaut? What if Thanos joined the Avengers? Sitting atop all the fantastic, dramatic storylines in Marvel …Read more

Netflixs The OA returns with a mind-melting season 2 trailer

Though Marling and co-creatordirector Zal Batmanglij were certain that their series which broke the mold by staging episodes that ranged from 30 minutes to an hour would return there was never a clear premiere date in sight Until now
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WW 101 The excitement — and danger — of living life on a digital frontier

Usually its the big books from DC Marvel and maybe whatever flashy debut Image has to what its like to make indie comics and where his series is going from here Dont Edit Tell the good people a little about yourself Also you live in Portland
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New Theory May Explain Where Freddy Kruegers Dream Powers Come From

Marvel Comics Changes Thors Hammer To Make It Gender Neutra 10 Easter Eggs You Mayve Missed In Avengers Endg Why Were Seriously Worried About The New Joker Mo The 9 Biggest Reveals From The Star Wars The Rise What We Need To See From The
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Listen to The Last Jedi 5 Ways Star Wars Needs to Evolve to Stay Relevant

At Star Wars Celebration in Chicago last month youd never know that the previous 18 months had been the most contentious in the history of the franchise That included hundreds of books and comics along with video games and TV shows
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Batman v Superman Wheres the Superhero Suit at Warner Bros

with fewer original titles being greenlit as WB doubles down on franchise generators like DC Comics Lego and Harry Potter Certainly theres a fever what with Disney printing money from the Star Wars and Marvel hit parade But the hot seat is
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Teen reported 2006 rape Then nothing happened In MeToo era what do we owe her

Aug 11 2006 was a sweltering Friday night in the midst of a long fatally hot summer A 16-year-old girl reported that she was raped that night in a storage shed off a dirt road in my hometown of Arlington Texas Nobody was ever prosecuted for it and
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