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Marques'Almeida: The London Label Loved By Its Artists, Musicians & Models

In a fashion landscape dictated by algorithms, where social media enforces homogeny and press releases are regurgitated, London-based label …Read more

How Harvey Weinstein used his fashion business as a pipeline to models

They said that models of Art and Design Weinstein worked behind the scenes to help them launch their label again expanding his reach deeper into the fashion world Vogue was soon featuring the New York-based companys clothes in its pages
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Why the fashion industry is out of control

Models walk the runway during The technology for recycling blended fabrics is in its infancy and even 100 per cent cotton shirts are sewn with polyester thread Is a worker going to remove the threads and labels from 40000 T-shirts
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Imogen Heap saviour of the music industry

I want to help move things along Imogen Heap photographed in London last week with some The structure of modern music production is Kafkaesque An artist might sign a deal with a record label In between them and the music fan there could
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The 50 Best Music Videos of 2018 Critics Picks

In 2018 music videos were more at the center of the let alone with faces who dont belong to the artist on the billing In this way the Nice for What video is its own triumph
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Index sets up China shop

Through its partnership with China Mobile Index hopes to quickly expand its market footprint and take a giant step past its rivals
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Jourdan Dunns Transparent Minidress Mismatched Straps on Sandals Are a Playful Combo

Supermodel Jourdan Dunn sported a waterproof outfit yesterday at the Serpentine Summer Party in London the worlds of fashion music film design and art Guests included Felicity Jones Liam Payne Lena Dunham and models Suki Waterhouse and Adwoa
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