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Mark Ronson review – sad songs for a vaguely broken heart

It sits in front of Ronson's DJ console, jaggedly reflecting the tutti-frutti light scheme. We're in a long-serving King's Cross venue, rather than a place Ronson's usual clientele, the international jet set, might go to dance. The tinsel decor of his travelling Club …Read more

Mark Ronson review sad songs for a vaguely broken heart

Mark Ronsons broken heart weighs 25kg It says so on the outside of the wooden crate that takes this large cracked mirrorball out to the club nights the DJ and producer has been holding sporadically since last year It sits in front of Ronsons DJ
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Review Mark Ronson Late Night Feelings an Album of Sad Bangers

Earlier this month Mark Ronson opened Capital more or less play songs off his laptop Ronsons also been calling Late Night Feelings which arrives Friday an album of sad bangers Either way theres a delicate balance at play the
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Mark Ronson reveals success cost him his marriage – and left him addicted to self-help books

As the afternoon sunlight slants through the window of Londons most infamous celebrity hangout The Chiltern Firehouse Mark Ronson is exuding the effortless cool of a man who belongs at the beating heart songs on this album which he describes as
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Going Gaga over Ronson

Among its nine tracks were some delicate songs written with Homme I could see his eyes glazing over Ronson recalls He was like Oh you mean sad bangers I was like Yeah thats way better Mark Ronson sitting on a
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Review Malojian – The Deers Cry

Gentle finger-picked guitar and heart-broken vocals Stevie mournfully sings I never knew the dark could be so blue are accompanied by strings and harmonica in a song DJ Mark Ronson who is releasing a collection of what he calls sad bangers
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Lily Allen bares her soul on No Shame

Its a long journey into the heart with Mark Ronson for the first time in a decade for a sweeping torch song charting the slow decay of her marriage on which she avers I dont like most people but Im scared not evil Apples is a sad and
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