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Marianne Williamson sums up Trump's victory and highlights issue for Democrats

"I'll tell you one thing, it's really nice if we've got all these plans, but if you think we're going to beat Donald Trump by just having all these plans, you've got another thing coming, because he didn't win by saying he had a plan," Williamson said. "He won by …Read more

Marianne Williamson sums up Trumps victory and highlights issue for Democrats

Author Marianne Williamson criticized Democratic criticism of her Democratic opponents Too many Democrats are half-truth tellers Williamson said in Iowa earlier this month
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Democrats outraise Republicans in 90 percent of competitive House races during 17-day fundraising period

Democrats outraised Republicans in about 90 percent of Menendez brought in a middling 521k MANCHESTER NH Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson Thursday walked back comments expressing skepticism about government-mandated vaccinations
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The Government Shutdown Probably Isnt Ending Any Time Soon

Securing a form of legal status for 1 million vulnerable longtime American residents for the likely duration of the Trump presidency would be a significant humanitarian victory his caucus to oppose it In sum Democrats and Republicans
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A Trump-Pence Car in Deepest Hollywood

And this for me perfectly sums up the Donald about the world from growing up a generation apart in the same small inland-California town I enjoyed it and think youll find it interesting Its here Also the Atlantics video team has
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The GOP candidate who allegedly body-slammed a reporter will likely still win

At Predictit a betting market that focuses on political issues Gianfortes chances plummeted 26 percent This despite robocalls being illegal in Montana To sum up Enough people may have voted prior to Gianfortes alleged attack on a
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Miss USA says she hopes Trump can unify Americans

Barber is among 86 candidates vying for the Miss Universe crown on January 30th in Manila where journalists asked her about Trumps victory and upcoming inauguration winners allow them to espouse crucial issues making the contest relevant Barber
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