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Mardan traders protest against AC over inappropriate behaviour

MARDAN – Markaze Tanzeem-e-Tajiraan Zahir Shah group staged protest rally against the Assistant Commissioner (AC) for his alleged inappropriate behaviuor with the traders and allegedly teasing the traders. READ MORE: Islam and Pakistan’s constitution …Read more

Beijing vows action against parallel traders cites impact on HK

Zhangs remarks which branded parallel goods trading as an inappropriate form of competition came in the wake of vigorous protests against parallel traders in various parts likening their behavior to that of rioters who abuse their freedom of
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Line of Duty bosses sack a senior crew member after stars including Vicky McClure complained over his creepy behaviour and lewd comments to women

TV networks have introduced new guidelines and are increasingly vigilant about inappropriate work placed behaviour since the MeToo movement The gripping procedural thriller set in AC-12 the polices own anti-corruption unit has just returned for
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Pamela Geller is a Terrible Poster Child for Free Speechand Against Islamist Extremism

One was from a man who asked not to use his name a self-described secular Jew who said that he was a fan of Gellers until he started to find her behavior very troublingthough he still credits her for raising his awareness of radical Islam
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Obamas Iraq speech a salute not a victory lap

This speech for or against the war Thats not to say that the speech was devoid of politics Obamas style of politics is to pretend hes above politics and this speech fits that mold But the biggest reason not to rehash the argument over going
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Charge dropped against PolyU student in Feb Tuen Mun protest

A Polytechnic University student who was charged with some offenses during an anti-parallel-trading protest in February in his ruling that the witnesses behavior was not only suspicious but also unwise and inappropriate Thus he decided to dismiss
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Rights Abuses in Cameroon based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

In Cameroon prejudice against lesbian gay bisexual power-hungry homosexuals are attempting to take over the state People arrested under Article 347 bis have routinely been denied basic rights They are often held without charge for more than
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