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Manischewitz is selling all of its kosher food business

The Manischewitz Co. will sell all of its kosher food business to Kenover Marketing Corp., the companies announced. The companies “have reached …Read more

Manischewitz Co will sell all of its kosher food business

As you can imagine more people are reading The Jerusalem Post than ever before Nevertheless traditional business models are no longer sustainable and high-quality publications like ours are being forced to look for new ways to keep going Unlike many
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A Bid for Tradition The battle for kosher food maker Manischewitz is about growth a brand name and a little more

Manischewitz Co a kosher food company known for its matzo again by selling his stake in IDB Communications a leading satellite transmission and distribution company Partner Lenard B Tessler a CPA with a masters degree in business administration
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Kosher consolidation Kayco to acquire Manischewitz

The companies have reached an understanding for Bayonne-based Kayco to acquire all of the kosher food for its square matzoh and kosher wine Both Manischewitz and Kayco are operating business
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Manischewitzs kitniyot brand Why this Passover is different from all other Passovers

Manischewitz is catering to Sephardic Jews with its Kitni line which includes kosher rice cakes tahini peanut butter and other items all certified kosher for Passover eat products made from a category of food called kitniyot which includes
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Is Kosher The Next Big Food Trend

I had heard of kosher – after all who doesnt know kosher remains a tough sell both for consumers and the food industry There are a number of challenges which currently hinder kosher from reaching its full potential Unlike the organic industry
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NEWS FEATURE Marketers Discover Its Kosher and Profitable to Sell Matzo to the Masses

JERSEY CITY NJ The shop steward at the Manischewitz lure of selling to these growing non-Jewish groups has brought new players into the kosher business Nabisco took its entire cookie and cracker division kosher in 1997 As mega-food companies
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