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Malayalam Film Luca review: Competently made, haunting mystery

In terms of its narrative structure, Luca doesn't break any new grounds. Similar plot openings have been tried before not just in Hollywood but also in Malayalam cinema. The closest examples are KG George's Yavanika or Padamarajan's Kariyilakaattu Pole …Read more

Malayalam Film Luca review Competently made haunting mystery

Luca opens with a hook intriguing enough to keep any mystery lover glued to their seats for the rest of its runtime These early moments involve a major spoiler which I wont give away One of the main characters has passed away and I wont say if it
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An Opinionated Guide to a Wild Year for Oscar Songs

Also Read Elvis Costello Tom Petty to Be Inducted Into Songwriters Hall of Fame Indie icon Sufjan Stevens luminescent music is at the heart of Luca Guadagninos romance Call Me by Your Name with the two gentle ballads Mystery of Love
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Kaabil is a pure revenge drama

The story is about how a blind couple whose life gets a hit after having experienced a tragedy Rohan played by Hrithik then sets out to avenge and this is where Kaabils real story strikes The film is quite interesting and will keep you engrossed
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When Kismath dawned on Sushin Shyam

This is the same heartthrob who acted in Thattathin Marayath Sushin Shyam enthralled us all with a haunting tune in the recent movie Kismath Yes he gave us the romantic song Kisa Paathiyil Sushin Shyam is an all-rounder You would see him as a music
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Stage Raw Fairy Tale Theatre 18 Over

Glendale opens Jan 21 Fri 8 pm Sat 2 8 pm Sun 2 7 pm thru Jan 30 818 240-0910 PUZZLER Padraic Duffys film noir story of East German spies Sacred Fools Theater 660 N Heliotrope Dr LA opens Jan 21 Thurs-Sat
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Film Comment Selects 2007

I was able to preview six of the eighteen films in this years edition of Film Comment Selects running at Lincoln Center from Feburary 14th27th only two of which Id recommend without hesitation as must-seesmore on those in a moment
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