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Magnum shells out RM18m to two lucky winners

Meanwhile, the factory worker won RM8,151,184 from Magnum 4D Jackpot on July 24. The winning numbers were a combination of his car plate number and personal favourite number 2644 (1st prize) + 1205 (3rd prize). The lucky man, who played Magnum …Read more

Ruger GP-100 Revolver Make Your 44 Ammo Special Again

We always passed it over seeing Magnum ammunition for usually somewhat of a comeback Ruger GP-100 Revolver in 44 Special note coloring after firing We got our revolver in the Friday before SHOT Show 2017 and were lucky enough to test it before
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The best guns in PUBG

However sometimes you might get caught in the middle of a reload or run out of ammo in which case having The Uzi typically spawns with one or two compatible attachments close by If youre lucky one of these will be the stock which makes the
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How to Make Baseball Cool Again

The game is supposed to last nine innings but it lasts as long as it must to decide a winner he of the two-finger salute is all for it It would be super cool he tells BR Mag because sometimes you strike out two or three times in a
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Bolt To The Brain The Best Weapon In Fortnite Battle Royale Is The Crossbow

And yes perhaps in two recent 2nd place finishes I was taken out by someone holding such a weapon but Id like to credit that to bad tactics on my part rather than the weapon of the winner fire rate mag capacity and reload time of all the
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10 must-have Fathers Day gifts with a tactical twist

From a nearly indestructible coffee maker through to a jug that can be shot out of a cannon and still keep one to match your fathers style The Magnum retails from 160 Lucky Shot USA takes authentic ammo that was fired by A-10 Thunderbolt military
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Ruger PC Carbine A Nifty 9mm Carbine It Can Be Yours

It takes less than two seconds and requires no tools The magazine compatibility isnt the only thing thats flexible about the PC Carbine The magazine release and bolt charging handle are reversible Out of the box the mag release button is on the
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