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Louvre Museum removes Sackler name after opioid protests

At the Louvre's Oriental Antiquities gallery, tape is covering multiple placards bearing the name that has long been associated with arts patronage …Read more

Louvre in Paris removes Sackler name after opioid protests

PARIS AP Frances Louvre Museum in Paris has become the first major institution to remove the Sackler family name after protests erupted against the family that is blamed for the deadly opioid crisis in the United States At the Louvres Oriental
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Protesters stage Guggenheim Museum demonstration to protest opioid crisis

Protesters took the Guggenheim Museum in New York by storm on Saturday as they called for the museum to remove the Sackler name is the first to name the companys executives as personally liable It was recently reported that opioid overdoses are
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Nan Goldins PAIN Group Stages Anti-Sackler Protest at Louvre

Artist Nan Goldin her PAIN group and other opioid activists staged an action at the Louvre in Paris this afternoon calling on the museum to remove the Sackler after pleading guilty in federal court to misleading regulators Asked about the
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Artist Nan Goldin protests against Sackler wing at the Louvre

They urged it to be the first major museum to remove the name from further Sackler donations and argued that the family should instead pay for treatment and rehabilitation for opioid addicts The Louvre security guards allowed the protest to take
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Citing opioid ties the Met says it will no longer accept gifts from the Sackler family

The Metropolitan Museum to the Louvre But artists and social media activists have criticized those relationships and called on the institutions to return the Sackler gifts and remove the name from their walls In response to protests the Sackler
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Smithsonian Institution Will Not Remove Sackler Name from Asian Art Museum

Sacklers name will not be dropped from the Smithsonians Asian art museum in the opioid crisis On June 19 Oregon senator Jeff Merkley sent a letter to the Smithsonians new secretary Lonnie G Bunch III requesting the name be removed
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